“The four tracks seem knot together into a kind of symphonic form, the first three totaling some 25 minutes, the last 37. The general sound is of an electric drone/throb, a few parts the Fripp of “No Pussyfooting” (sans Frippertronics), a few more of a sunnier version of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The first three sections are all about vastness, sometimes a bit overdoing it (the closing wind sounds on the third sections, for example) but generally resting in a rich swirling sound area that’s not unpleasant. Rehlinger takes the opportunity to tease out more structural strands in the fourth part, separating out various sonorities, allowing more breathing room while still maintaining the kind of simmering ecstatic output heard earlier (here, I think of Loren Connors at his most otherworldly and Branca rears his head as well).” ~ Just Outside 


“Haunting guitar-based ambient, brings to mind the densely layered looping of Richard Pinhas and the crepuscular moodiness of Evan Caminiti, throw in a richly textured guitar tone akin to Tom Carter and you have this masterpiece. A lot of delay, space, drones, perfect music for your third eye. Fuck me, this is beyond beautiful. I can die happy now.” ~ KZSU FM