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Every need met. Every desire granted. Every dream a reality. BUT CAN THEY ESCAPE… The METROSCAPE? A soundtrack for the classic 1982 film.

Quietly released today… Volume 3 of 4 in “The Grid Series” of retro-influenced analogue synth albums. To be released physically as part of a double disc “Complete Grid Series” set upon the release of Volume 4. This digital version comes with an exclusive bonus of a 36 minute version of Subterranea.

01. Metroscape 04:40
02. Subterranea 04:04
03. Wastelander 05:33
04. Water Bandits 02:58
05. Hunter Drones 03:29
06. 149th Floor Loft 01:56
07. Grid Surfer 04:02
08. Sector Patrol 02:54
09. Insufficient Atmosphere 05:05
10. Neon Black 02:56
11. Radiation Zone 02:12
12. Judgement Daze 03:41
13. Subterranea (Live Mix) [Digital exclusive] 36:16


In Q4 of 2015 I quietly released a pair of free digital albums.

DANKEN was released around Thanksgiving (the American one) and is four kosmische-electronic tracks I recorded for (and given in the form of an exclusive limited deluxe-edition CD-R as a gift to) some unreasonably dedicated Arachnidiscs Recordings/BABEL patrons.

2015 REDUX is three new versions of pieces (FEBRIS, MAZE and VEMÖDALEN) released in 2015 on various formats. Recorded direct to 2-track in late Autumn 2015 during several rehearsals for an early November gig, then edited into the three long-form tracks in December. Released on New Years Eve.