The ANNORUM SERIES is a collection of recordings written and recorded during specific months. Some of these ended up being official albums while others were “working tapes” in preparation for live performances and some were studio experiments.

Ambient piano and synthesizer improvisations. Recorded in January 2015. CD released on Assembly Field.

Kraut drones and middle eastern jams. Recorded live in-studio during a feverish bout with Norwalk virus in February, 2015. Written for a live performance. Cassette released on Tymbal Tapes.

MARTIALIS: of or pertaining to Mars. Synthesizer meditations on the red planet. Recorded during March 2015.

Analog arpeggiators recorded in April 2015. No drum machines were used in the creation of this recording, old (Berlin) school arpeggiator percussion. Cassette released by Metaphysical Circuits.

Solo guitar and synth drones recorded in May 2015. Written for a live performance.

Kosmische drones improvised and recorded in June 2017.

A piece written for BABEL’s final live performance. Recorded in July 2017.

Piece written for live performance on August 6th, 2016.

A kosmische drone performed on synthesizers in September of 2017.

Retro krautrock synths, fuzz drones, live-looped acoustic percussion, psychedelic flutes and celestial vocals. Recorded in October of 2014. Released on Inyrdisk (iyd108)

Retro-futurist ambient synthesizer improvisations. Recorded in November 2014.

In Roman mythology, Decima was one of the Parcae, or the Fates. She measured the thread of life with her rod. She was also revered as the goddess of childbirth. Decimate: v. to kill one in every ten of a group as a punishment for the whole. Recorded in December 2014.