In 2013 I began working on an album project that never quite materialized. At least not in the manner I’d envisioned. It was to be a definitive BABEL album and was conceived as a continuation of another project of mine, MOONWOOD. Originally, Moonwood had been an acoustic-based psychedelic-folk solo project before morphing into a kraut-rock influenced electro-psych duo by 2012 and then a full-fledged space-rock jam band in early 2013. Around that time I felt I’d taken my solo drone guitar explorations with BABEL about as far as I could for the time-being so I figured I’d take BABEL back to the source, so to speak.

In the meantime, I ended up going on an analog synth detour with the retro-electronic “Grid Series” albums and EPs. Inevitably, the approach of these recordings began to leech into my “psychedelic-folk acoustic improv” album. As a result the project kept evolving and never felt completed. I ended up with three years of kosmische drones, Middle-Eastern acoustic ragas, pseudo-gamelan meditations and noir-ish fake-jazz jams.

The final result was a series of albums, EPs and mini-albums. None of these followed the blueprint of what they were intended to be and were probably all the better for it.

Unsere Sterne—”Our Stars” Electro-acoustic kosmische drones. The end result of many approaches discovered in search of an elusive sound.

Infinitus Noctem —”Infinite night.” A kosmische exploration of darkness and light.

Ceci n’est pas le jazz—”This is not jazz.” A collection of fake-jazz jams.

This Is Not The Sacred Fire—Gamelan-inspired junk jazz and meditation drones.

Cosmos Bleu—Synth and electric guitar drones. A kosmische muzik / Frippertronics-inspired  journey.

Most of the tracks were compiled onto two limited edition double-CD sets by Arachnidiscs Recordings.