A four volume series of retro-minded analogue synthesizer albums. Very Froese meets Jarre meets Schulze in approach.

The complete “Grid Series” recordings: APRAXIA, LEBENSUHR, METROSCAPE, and APOGEE.

Volume 1. Analog arpeggiators recorded in April 2015. Rhythms created using the arpeggator on an Bass Station II instead of drum machines. Cassette released by Metaphysical Circuits. Month 7 of the Octamensium Cycle.

Volume 2. Lebensuhr: Life clock. A continuation of the analogue synth arpeggiator approach used on APRAXIA. Though not intended at the time of recording, a slightly more retro-kitsch feel put Logan’s Run in mind when titling the tracks. The exception being ‘Martian Fever’ which was an attempt at a “proper” recording of the first part of FEBRIS in the MARTIALIS/APRAXIS style but became its own thing. Recorded May – September 2015.

Volume 3. Every need met. Every desire granted. Every dream a reality. CAN THEY ESCAPE? A soundtrack for the classic 1982 film. John Tangerine’s Carpenter Dream?

Volume 4. The crowning achievement of the Grid Series, a 35-minute epic drone journey designed to guide you into altered states.

Though not officially a Grid Series release, DANKEN was recorded during the same period and in the same classic-electronica influenced style. Four tracks I recorded for (and given in the form of an exclusive limited deluxe-edition CD-R as a gift to ) four unreasonably dedicated Arachnidiscs Recordings/BABEL patrons.