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New long-form ambient/drone track. Experimenting with analog synth and harmonic reverb patches. Ice music, winter’s a-comin’.



Febris. Latin, noun. Fever.

New composition written under the influence of the Norwalk virus. Segment of a rehearsal session in February 2015.

Happy New Year. I hope you have few fears or tears (unless you got that Tears For Fears box set for Xmas). To aid in a pleasant transition into 2015, here is NOVUS, an EP of ambient drone improvisations. It’s an interim work between OCTAL (out on Inydisk) and DECIMA (coming out on You Can’t Help But Feel Hypnotized).

It’s Free/PWYC to download and there’s still some copies of the über-limited edition hand-stamped CD-R left (I’ve been slipping them into people’s hands over the holidays).

‘XI’. A track recorded on November 11th, 2014. Solo, improvised prepared guitar.


Pre-orders for RILLINGEN are being taken via the Bandcamp site (see widget below).

At the risk of sounding corny, I’m going to cast aside my usual humble facade and declare I’m super-extremely-ultra-mega proud of this one.

RILLINGEN (meaning “Shivers” or “Chills” in Dutch) is where I feel the BABEL project arrives at the destination I’d always intended it land. Crashed, nose-first, somewhere in a frozen landscape of burning souls ecstatically freezing to death. The more lyrical side from earlier collections (Morpheum, Limbus, etc) returns to join the percussive, extended techniques of the previous two EPs (HEURTER and STURM und DRANG), finally bringing two halves of BABEL into one cohesive whole.

Recorded live, direct to 2-track on Mothers Day, 2013, in six takes (three of which make up the 37-minute closer) using echo loops and, fittingly (though pun not intended), an Electro-Harmonix “Freeze” pedal.

Release date: December the 19th, 2013, miraculously the same day as the release party at the cleverly named 961a College Street art-space in Toronto (More info here at THE EVIL PLACE).

27:32 mins // Pro CD-R, thermal print // Spray painted white digipak // Numbered edition of 25 


Three track EP of avant electric guitar improvisations. A prepared Fender Telecaster thwacked with mallets and layered with loop and delay effects. Recorded live, direct to two-track in late 2012 by Jakob Rehlinger.

Three track EP. Solo electric guitar improvisations. Telecaster, mallets and loop effects. Recorded live direct to two-track, late 2012.