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In Q4 of 2015 I quietly released a pair of free digital albums.

DANKEN was released around Thanksgiving (the American one) and is four kosmische-electronic tracks I recorded for (and given in the form of an exclusive limited deluxe-edition CD-R as a gift to) some unreasonably dedicated Arachnidiscs Recordings/BABEL patrons.

2015 REDUX is three new versions of pieces (FEBRIS, MAZE and VEMÖDALEN) released in 2015 on various formats. Recorded direct to 2-track in late Autumn 2015 during several rehearsals for an early November gig, then edited into the three long-form tracks in December. Released on New Years Eve.



New piece I’ve been working on for Toronto’s Sound Seance festival (June 12th @ Geary Lane) assembled from direct-to-two track digital recordings of writing sessions in May 2015. This excerpt is indicative of the first movement of improvised, minimalist tones (results will vary with each performance). A 55 minute version is slated for CD release in the future.

MAZE will see its live debut prior to Sound Seance at The Yeti in Kitchener, ON on June 5th, 2015.

Improvised piano études recorded in January, 2015.

Janiform. adj. Resembling the god Janus, having two faces looking in opposite directions.

Happy New Year. I hope you have few fears or tears (unless you got that Tears For Fears box set for Xmas). To aid in a pleasant transition into 2015, here is NOVUS, an EP of ambient drone improvisations. It’s an interim work between OCTAL (out on Inydisk) and DECIMA (coming out on You Can’t Help But Feel Hypnotized).

It’s Free/PWYC to download and there’s still some copies of the über-limited edition hand-stamped CD-R left (I’ve been slipping them into people’s hands over the holidays).

27:32 mins // Pro CD-R, thermal print // Spray painted white digipak // Numbered edition of 25 


Three track EP of avant electric guitar improvisations. A prepared Fender Telecaster thwacked with mallets and layered with loop and delay effects. Recorded live, direct to two-track in late 2012 by Jakob Rehlinger.

Three track EP. Solo electric guitar improvisations. Telecaster, mallets and loop effects. Recorded live direct to two-track, late 2012.